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Hello again everyone! Hope you all had happy holidays!

Here are the plants I have this time to make some more money for my text books I need to buy for classes that are starting next week... WOO!

~8" Hygrophila Angustifolia $0.50/stem (7 available) SOLD
~4" Brazilian Pennywort $0.50/stem (1 available) SOLD
~0.5-1.0" Small Anubias Nana Rhizomes $2.00/each (11 available)
-Riccia Fluitans $5.00/Very Large Golfball (lots and lots!)
-Young Java Windelov $6.00/handful (1 available) SOLD
-Young Java Narrow Leaf $6.00/handful (1 available) SOLD

+$6.00 Shipping

PS - I do not use heat packs so mind your weather
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