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Rhinox 1000 question

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I have one and bubbles n;y come from 2 or 3 spots on the disc on one side. The bubbles seem large but not as large as air stone bubbles. How fine should the bubbles coming out be? It looks cool but I'm thinking to switch back to my red seas 500 because I don't feel like it is going a good job of diffusion. The bubbles go up 2/3 of the way where they are blown back down 2/3rd of the way to the bottom before thy kind make there way over a bit and excapte the filters output (I have the filter aimed at a corner where the diffuser is located)

Again it looks cool but does not seem to be diffusing well, since I can see the bubbles hitting the surface of the tank?
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Dude, yours is working WAY better than mine, now I know something is wrong...

I can't tell how fine your bubbles are but considering i'm looking at a 5000 they are probably much smaller than mine... I was told to soak the diffuser in bleach but I don't see how that is going to help with the large bubbles coming out of it.

My other one is now showing the same problem, but it is a mix of large and small bubbles. at least there are SOME fine bubbles coming out but I'd say probably less than 40% of the CO2 is diffusing...

I may just switch back to the red seas diffusers, I think these ceramic POS's are over rated.
Going to set backup my red seas 500 and maybe the bubble ladder in the 10 gallon although I think the second rhinox 1000 is working a little better than the ladder. There are some small bubbles coming out of that one, but mostly larger bubbles as well.

Aquatic Magic did offer to replace the one diffuser after I soaked it in bleach, the problem I am having now having is I had a really hard time getting the bleach to get into the diffuser, I don't see ANY possible way to get the bleach out of it and rinsed clean.

Any ideas?

is water supposed to be able to seep into these things? Cause I left mine in a bucket of water for over a week and it never sank... I'm afraid to put this diffuser back into my tank sine I am unable to rinse the bleach out of it....

ANYONE? I don't think the 15 diffuser is worth risking $100's of live animals in my tank..
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