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Rex Grigg Reactor - Check Valve?

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Hey, guys.

I got a Primo Regulator from GLF and am going to be using a Rex Grigg reactor. The regulator has a check valve on each side of the bubble counter. I don't need to install another one inline to the reactor, do I?

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You will want to use a check valve closer to the reactor to keep water from creeping down the line to the regulator:)

Hmmm, alrighty then. Should it be a "nice" check valve, or can it be one that just gets the job done? Might have another order for you, LOL.
Probably does not matter. There are inexpensive CV that work well, but when it comes to water why gamble? I hate finding water all over the floor:(
Alrighty, then I'm going to assume the Clippard Check Valve will work.

My order would be placed already, but I'm getting errors at checkout. Trying to figure it out.

EDIT: Got it, that was weird. Used a different card (same account) and it worked fine.

Anyway, order placed! Thanks again, Orlando.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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