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Several years ago (like about 8 or so) I got a white worm culture (Enchytraeus albidus) from GSAS member at one of our GSAS meetings. Long story short the culture has gone downhill the last few years partly due to neglect but mostly due to a lack of worm reproduction. Last march there probably weren't 50 worms left in my culture.

So I went online looking for a solution to my problem and came across a video (which I cannot locate at the moment). An older guy (like me!) had the same white worm culture going and thriving for 15 years. He fed it moist bread that was spread on both sides with plain probiotic organic yogurt and then sprinkled with yeast flakes.

I went to Fred Meyer and got Stoneyfield plain organic whole milk yogurt, bought some Kal yeast flakes online, and have been feeding it to the worm culture for four months. I have religiously fed the worms once a month. At first 1/2 of a slice of bread and the last couple of months a whole slice of bread. Today I opened the culture box and I have increased the number of worms 100 fold.
The worms eat bacteria, bacteria feed on the yeast flakes. By producing more bacteria the worms get more food and grow and reproduce faster. Made sense once someone explained it to me.

Just thought I would share this with you if you have a worm culture that isn't really thriving.

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