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reverse over flow?

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Hello all, :)

I know newbie with 2 questions right off the bat :icon_redf

I am working on converting my 110 gal. corner tank (prev. Saltwater) to freshwater planted tank that will house a Fahaka Puffer.

out with the sump pump and in with a Cascade 1200 canister, wow it has been a road to convert a drilled, overflow tank. Now it is what I call a Reversed overflow... I am currently filtering the tank about 3.5 times an hour, however I just do not have the water flow that I think I should have.... because it is sealed top the only opening is the front and the overflow box I need to have some creative ways.... do you guys have any suggestions on upping my water flow with out stepping into a larger filter? I have been looking at the Fluval XP5 wow now that moves some water... for a pretty penny $350+... open to any suggestions Thank you
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well if you have done a marine tank, a powerhead would be a great option for cranking up flow intank. you probably still have one or two kicking around that if properly cleaned up could easily suit your needs. ifyou dont want the powerhead in tank you could do a closed loop setup.
Thank you, I will look into the closed loop.... I do still have my monster pump that I used for the sump.... :)
I am using a 75 drilled tank. My thought was also Closed Loop. You could incorporate the canister filter into a closed loop as well. You could also do your CO2 Reactor in a closed loop. Lots of options.
It looks like I did a closed loop with out even knowing what it was :) (maybe) however I am wanting to add water flow

I hooked the draw up to the drilled (orig. pulled into the sump) then I have the exhaust going into the over flow box :icon_roll (to assure that the overflow box would never go dry)

just added 50 lbs of filter sand, so I am sure we are going to cycle again.... it is ok we have plenty of time waiting for my puffer :redface:

power head in the overflow box was one of my thoughts too... This tank is well worth the battle :bounce: I will try to post pics as I go....
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