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Retrofitting Light-Glo Hood. Is it worth it?

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Hey guys, I am trying to do a heavily planted tank and I feel like having a bit more light might be beneficial. I do plan on trying DIY co2 in the future but for now, I will not be running co2. My tank measures roughly 13.75'' x 23.5'' x 16'' which is around 22.5g. Now, the tank came with a light-glo hood which runs two 18'' 15w T8 fluorescent tubes. Right now I have one Aqua-Glo bulb and one Sun-Glo bulb. From what I've read, the sun-glo bulb really does nothing for plant growth, but I'm not sure if just changing out the bulb to another bulb would increase my plant growth. Some ideas I've had for the hood was to switch out the ballasts and the holders and upgrade to T5HO bulbs, but at the price for the T5 ballasts, I'm wondering if it'd just be more worthwhile to get an LED light like Another idea I had was to put in a socket holder for a CFL or LED bulb, but there's limited space in the hood and I'd have to relocate the ballasts in order to make room for the socket.

Do you have any input on what I could possibly do? Would switching out the one bulb to a plant growth bulb be enough? Is my tank considered low light at the moment? Right now I have moderate to low light plants in my tank and I'd love to see some growth out of them. Would it be worthwhile to swtich to T5HO bulbs or would the LED light I linked or another similar one be enough to achieve moderate lighting in my tank?

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