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results so far od excel

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I have been putting in the recommended water change amount of excel daily to battle various algae problems. After one week the staghorn algae is turning red and withering back. The green beard algae is laying down and not sticking up and the bba might be changing white but it might take more time to kill it. I have had no adverse effects on plants, fish, or inverts.
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congrats:red_mouth once its all gone then you need to figure out why you had the algea in the first place to keep it away. Excel is just a bandage not a solution.....Good luck fighting the war
algae & wpg ??

How much exactly did you put in and how big is your tank? I just started my regime yesterday. I have a 55 gallon and put in 5 capfuls of Excel after a w/c. Should I continue with the same every day, less every day or some say every other day. Any hints would be helpful. I think that I had my lights on for too long and brought the photo period down to 10 hours a day (2 wpg). I will see after I get rid of the onslaught. My 29 gallon is doing very well. All the plants are algae free, but there is a tiny bit on the driftwood. The SAE's are helping. Do you recommend 2wpg or 3wpg? I currently have two 55 watt bulbs in.
I have a 36g and am putting in the amount that the bottle says to put in after each water change but am doing it daily that is 1capful per10 gallons so I am dosing 3 and a little more than a half a capful daily. In my opinion I would go with 3wpg because you have a wider range of plants that you can grow.
Threre is actually a sticky thread about this with respect to BBA:

I have read the thread, and it appears that there are three things that are worth noting:

1. Turn off your UV sterilizer if you have one and dose after your lights shut off.
2. Shut down your filter and water flow while treating for about 15 to 20 minutes.
3. Spot treating with a syringe seems to be more effective for BBA.
When you folks do kill algae, you need to focus on what caused it to begin with, so focus should always be more on what drives plant growth.

Focus on plant growth.

Excel and pruning, cleaning , routine maintenance will beat algae back, but good plant growth is the goal did not get into this hobby to learn about algae and toxicology did you?

If you do not tend a crop field, do not give good conditions for the crop gets covered in weeds and it takes time/labor/cost to remove/add herbicides etc. Same deal here.
Take care of the plants well, then you will not need to spend more $, labor and time.

Check the CO2 and really watch the plant's growth and the routine care(water changes, dosing, feeding fish, pruning, maintaining proper parameters, cleaning filters etc) .

That's how you get a nice tank, not adding algae killers.........

Tom Barr
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Would you say the same holds true for cynobacteria BGA?
This holds true for all algae and planted tanks.
Very basic stuff.

Often missed when folks have an outbreak............too busy worrying over algae and not enough about growing plants.....classic newbie mistake.

Over time, everyone has some algae issues, we all prune, reset things, start taking care of it etc. No longer is it an issue.

Folks with persistent algae issues over look something.
They assume their CO2 is perfect, or dosing, or something.......
Later, sometimes years alter, they realize they where over looking something and fess............many believe everything they think.....many think they cannot be wrong in their anaylsis....some ask questions..........sokme do not..........many do not have enough experience, know how to prune, when to keep their hands out of the tank and stop moving things around, do not have enough biomass, some use test kits poorly or not at all.......etc etc etc............

Tom Barr
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