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Restarting a planted tank

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Is rescaping your planted tank as simple as pulling out all your old growth and replanting them in the same substrate? My planted tank growth is doing very well but I'm not quite happy with the look yet... its about 3 months or so old. Is there anything I need to do to redo my tank again? Any tips would be much appreciated! :eek:
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That's all I do. Some plants don't like being moved, but IME they always bounce back quickly.

If you have a lot of root tabs in your tank and they get kicked up, you might want to suck them out. If it's only a couple of little balls, it's no big deal.
Crypts don't like being moved and will sometimes melt if you move them across the tank. But I've yet to run into any problems rescaping otherwise. I always move stuff around. Just remember to put in new fert tabs, I always forget. Take the chance to really prune well, it's so much easier to get to the crummy leaves when they're in your hand. :D

thanks for the info. do i need to add more fresh ada soil?
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