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Restarting a 40b, thoughts?

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Finally bought a bunch of driftwood/eco complete/blasting sand to tinker with the initial set up.

I've filled the tank with water to saturate the spider wood and get it to sink.

Here's a first pass on a hardscape.
i'm still sorting through all the plants that would fit in here, so happy for recommendations based on experience.
(i'll be running a GLA co2 set up + pps pro and have med-high light)

Happy to hear constructive feedback.


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Hey fellow Mizzou fan!

Where in MO are you, if you don't mind me asking?

I like the hardscape. The right looks a bit heavy to my eye, but I'm pretty new at this so it might just be me!

Just wanted to say hello!

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Thanks for the feedback. I was going for a 'heavier' side and behind/throughout the wood will be some taller plants like vals and anubias tied to the wood and keep the left side a bit more open.

I'm KC based, but went to Mizzou!
I would stick to one type of wood, and my preferance would be the branchy wood. Also focus on creating a focal point on one side (raise substrate here quite a bit), and then have the rest of the tank more sparse.
The right corner with that piece of branchy wood would be a good place to have the focal point.
You can use a few smaller rocks to accent the wood, but don't have really large rocks which compete with it.

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