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I had a 55 gallon tank with a 110 AquaClear filter for a parrot cichlid. Fourteen lucky bamboo plants were supported at the back and eventually grew very long roots. The tank was bare bottom with some (not a lot) AquaClear biomax on the bottom. I did regular water changes. My parrot Hector died after almost fifteen years.
I’m planning to rearrange the tank. The water looked clear until I removed the lucky bamboo and moved the heaters. Then a lot of brownish gray particles floated into the water. I was horrified.
I plan to plant the bamboo in two six inch square acrylic slotted boxes and use bio max to support them. Ohko store and manzanita will be added. The filter will be a 55 AquaClear so that the water will be more tranquil for floating plants. Again the tank will be bare bottom. Either a single convict cichlid or another hybrid such as a shortbody flower horn will be the fish I add.
Could anyone give me some suggestions or feedback to help me set up a healthy tank?
Thank you for any help.
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