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Resealing Tank

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Well a I have to reseal a 50g tank that I received for free. In the past I have resealed a tank but I forget what I used. So I just wanted to make sure is this what I should use? Thanks for any replies
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you want 100% silicone WITHOUT mold and mildew resistance, what you have linked would not be good for an aquarium.
Be sure to scrape all the old caulk out that you can; then scrub it with isopropyl alcohol to prep the surface. That will give you the best chance of having a water tight bond. I wouldn't use the linked product, this is the stuff I would suggest:

GE 10 oz. Silicone Cartridge
Model # GE-55
Internet # 202038071
Store SKU # 101241
Thanks for the replies. Yes I will definitely do a thorough cleaning before I apply this stuff.
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