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Resealing 125 gallon...need advice!

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Hey folks. I am new to this forum and am sorry that my first post is a call for help!
My spouse and I recently purchased a used 125 gallon tank. When we first saw it it still contained water and fish so we presumed that all was well as far as the integrity of the seams was concerned. Drained of water and fish we got it home and, upon closer inspection and a thorough cleaning, discovered a slow leak in the bottom corner. Ok, we said, we can strip the old silicone and reseal it. After about 3 days of back-breaking scraping, vacuuming, and taping we were ready to apply the new silicone. We watched about a thousand videos on how to do all of this and confidence was high. After applying the new silicone and removing the masking tape we were crestfallen to see that the vertical corner seams look too thin and possibly may not be adequate to prevent any leakage. The 4 bottom seams look fine. Knowing that silicone won't adhere to cured silicone we are unsure of what to do about the vertical corner seams. It has only been roughly 24 hours since we applied it. Do we start all over and remove the new silicone from all of the seams? Could we only remove the corner seams and reapply new silicone? Is it too early to remove any of it since its only been 24 hours? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!
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Typically just resealing the inside is not enough, because the seams where the leak develop "pop" and the joint is no longer bonded. Best bet would be to remove just that pane where the leak is and reseal the entire pane if possible.
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