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I rescued a betta from my sister-in-law today. The poor little guy was sitting in a filthy, tiny tank (maybe 1/2 gallons). His tail fin seems to have a permeant droop/bow to it. (I'll try to snap some pictures tomorrow).

The worst part? She was keeping him in plain tap water. 0_0 When I asked how long she'd had him, she said 1 year. I was flabbergasted. I guess it just goes to show you how resilient these little buggers can be.

For now, he's still in his original tank -- cleaned out and filled with treated water. I don't have an extra betta sized tank anywhere, so I'll be on the look out over the weekend for something slightly bigger to keep him in.

Any suggestions on healing this little dude's tail?

ADDED: Here is a picture of his poor tail. As you can see, it has a downward bow to it. He does not seem to be able to extend it (even when flaring). His top fin also has a similar issue.
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