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Rescue betta planted Spec V

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Hey guys,

Pictures for reference - Betta Rescue 11/11/16 - Album on Imgur

So I'm a fisheries science student at college right now and I've been keeping fish for about ~7 years now. I live in the dorms and recently rescued a Betta from my roommates who were keeping him in a 1-gallon unfiltered unheated aquarium.

I've moved him to a Fluval spec V with stock lighting and a hydor 25w heater. The tank has been modified to decrease the flow in the tank by cutting holes in the return line. The substrate is flora-max.

Before today, the aquarium had just the betta in it with an Anubias coffeefolia and an unknown species of Cryptocoryne (please ID if you can.)

Today, I went picked up some Java Moss from the LFS that I attached to my Driftwood with rubber bands. I also added some Salvinia minima which hopefully gives him some more cover towards the top of the tank.

One of the crypts (the one on the left) came with a runner coming off it. I believe it may have sprouted a plant and then was clipped at the store to be replanted. Can this runner still sprout another plant or should I just clip it off? (pics in Imgur album) The same plant has a white root growing above the substrate that I just noticed today. Does that look like it could be a runner to you?

The other crypt (on the right) has ~7 seven leaves some of which are much darker than the others. Could these be not doing as well as the others? should I trim them?

Thank you for any comments or advice!
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Guess, maybe lutea but really thinking wendtii. Your third pic is a rhizome and looks like it may still be viable. Keep it up like you have it for a bit and see if sprouts new leaves.
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