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I'm going to pick up a 20L and wanna transfer everything from my 13G. Is there a process? Can I just syphon the water out and rescape? I still need a light, better filter, heater and a top
Currently have:

gravel, driftwood
cryptocoryne lutea
Brazilian sword
Flame moss
Hygro sunset
Java fern

1 Pleco
1 Molly
2 Tetras
2 Zebra Danio
2 Large Danio
4 Amano shrimp

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If your using the same substrate, you can put everything in a separate tank if you have one, if not, you can use a good size container bin with the heater, filter, plants and fish. Once you finish scaping the new tank, you can use half of the old water and half new, then transfer everything to the new tank. Don't feed the fish until you've tested the water the next day for ammonia etc. If everything tested fine, then feed as usua, if not, feed sparingly and keep testing and do water change as needed. If your running a good filter on the old tank, you shouldn't have any problem with the transition.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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