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rescaped my aquarium. need ideas.

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hi, i just rescaped my aquarium and now it has all settled and the water cleared i thought id share a picture.

I rescaped from my previous thread i had put on here because i thought my tank looked really flat with just the bogwood so i got some natural looking roack and built it up as you cans see.

I'm looking for ideas of what to do with the left hand side of the tank now? i don't want it heavily planted as i want a bit of open swimming space. any ideas on carpet plants that are not too hard to keep etc? a little bit of height but not top of the water reaching plants? i plan on replacing the plants that are in the left side, just need help on what with.

I have pressurised co2 running at 1bps with flourish and flourish iron added every water change. i have 2x T8 20W Power-Glo bulbs. my tank is 125litres.(30gal)