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rescaped and restarted 55 gallon iwagumi

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I lost faith in my original scape. I think it lacked depth and balance. The fact that most people do that makes me feel less bad haha. This would be day 4 of the new scape. Here's the specs:

T8 lightning, currently aprx 1.2 watts per gallon, just had 2 bulbs randomly go out
Bell diffused co2 TEMP because my 35 lb co2 tank needs filled, and powerhead replaced
Floramax substrate porous clay
Standard aquarium 120gph filter
Standard 150 watt heater
Flourish and flourish comprehensive for all nutes
Root tabs

Flora includes dwarf hair grass, bamboo, and a taller species of grass I forgot the name of

Fauna are 4 female bettas, 1 male dt betta, and 18 ghost shrimp. 4 of which are in various stages of pregnancy? They're carrying eggs anyways.

Day 4 of the new arrangement and I'm seeing trackers like mad. All my starts have at least 2.

I would put pictures up tonight but my HTC ONEs camera will not focus on objects closer than 10 inches, so it'll kinda be a puzzle when I do post it. Loving the iwagumi thing tell me what you guys think
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I will happily blame my phone for this. I also apparently commented the same thing 4 times in a row once a minute on a YouTube video.
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