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*Rescaped* 8/20/12 Smitty's First Planted 10 Gallon

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This is my first Journal on TPT :). The tank is 10 gallon rectangle with two curved edges ( front ) and regular in the back. Here are the tank specs-

Odyssea 20" Compact Flourescent
Odyssea 50 watt heater
AquaClear 20 & 50 ( no carbon ) with extra biomedia and sponges on intake

Substrate- ADA Amazonia

Dwarf Hairgrass
Rotala Rotundifolia
Flame Moss
Guppy Grass
Hygrophila polysperma 'rosanervig'
Blyxa japeronica
Unfortunatly HAIR ALGAE

7 Chili Rasbora
5 Panda Cories
4 red cherry shrimp
1 amano shrimp

Flourish Excel
Flourish Potassium
Flourish Comprehensive

Shot of the tank

My best shrimp

Panda Cories

And a picture of the duck pond...

Leave any of your suggestions Thank You :)
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pictures not working!

I'm having a hard time with the pictures too.

Oh nice you have pandas too
Sorry about the pics, will fix them in the morning. Had to go to football practice (double sessions) and now bed.
I cannot figure out how to fix the pics so I just put the url on..... :(
New and actually working pictures!!!! I don't think they are terrible for being with an ipad :)
Here are some thoughts I have about changing my tank a little. I plan to get CO2 in a month or so. I was thinking of having a diagonal line of blyxa to the corner from the back corners of the driftwood and the replace all the stems in the back Rotala Coralata (i think that is how it is spelled) or another red stem. Please leave any other ideas thank you. :)
Looks nice! It'll look really cool when you get the plants to fill in.

Why so much filtration?
When I upgrade to an ADA 60p I will put both aquaclears on my 25 gallon.

Here is the tank all rescaped!!!:icon_eek:

Tank Shots

Wierd Shot of Tank

My Cories

Couple of My Shrimp

I wish the driftwood was just a tad smaller, but I love it.
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Sorry, i'm new and have a stupid question:
What is that grass in the foreground? I love it.
Sorry, i'm new and have a stupid question:
What is that grass in the foreground? I love it.
Dwarf Hair Grass looks just like that
Quick update: Best shrimp died of molting issues ( most likely too much protien ), most hair algae is gone, and going to get more chili's. I see everyone that has them says they are usually out and about. I think if I increase the school a little they will be less shy. Any suggestions welcome :p
So I plan to tear down and remake my 10 gallon. I want to restock the tank and get everything under control. The restocking list:
Pygmy Cories- 6+ not totally sure
Scarlet Badis- 1 or 3 sparkling gouramis
Supreme Red neos from Speedie
Crystal Reds or blacks (maybe both)

I plan to keep the driftwood and new plants and ones I will keep:
moss (mini pellia and mini xmas)
Some kind of small leafed stem (need suggestions)
Maybe anubias nana petiet
Eleocharis belem
Blyxa japonica
Some plants that will add color, having real trouble with this.

Any Suggestions are welcome.

Thank You for looking :) >.<
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I would be worried with doing badis or guarami with the shrimp since they are predators. I know they are small but I lost a bunch of shrimp when I first started and put RCS and Bumble bee shrimp in with my dwarf guarami
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