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I decided to rescape my tank last week. I have 6 Tiger Barbs, 6 Serpae Tetra and 3 Ringed Loaches

I took out the existing driftwood and lava rock cleaned the brown algae from the leaves of the plants. There are now several anubias, Java Fern, a tiny bit of moss, Bacopa, an unknown grass and Rotala in the tank. I also added a second bag of Eco Complete and new driftwood.

Tank is 20H.

Scape looks really good so far, needs to grow in of course.

Problem is I seem to have managed to Kill the bio filter. Ammonia spike has now ended. I have constant nitrite rate of .5ppm though. It doesn't go up above this and it doesn't stay down for long after a large water change.

What is the best thing to do here? My Tiger barbs seem pretty affected. Other fish don't seem bothered, although they are a bit pale.

BTW, I'll post a pic once this is over with. The glass is filthy now, but I don't want to clean it as it is providing extra surface area for bacteria at the moment.

BTW, Lighting is 36W per gallon as of beginning of this month. Brown and Blue Green Algae now growing in the tank. The BGA bubbles away like anything. Those bubbles are just oxygen right? Nothing harmful? I'll clean it off and address it later but I reckon the extra O2 is good for the fish right now.

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