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I'm planning a 450 gallon tank and am thinking of the following critters to put in this tank:
4 mesonauta festivus
16 angelfish
2 chocolate cichlid
30 lemon tetra
30 white fin rosy tetra
20 pangio meyers
10 clown loaches
10 zebra loaches
8 flash pleco
2 blue phantom pleco
I have zero experience with chocolate cichlid and worry that they might be too large for the tetra and kuhli (ala those fishes might become food). Also not sure if the flag cichlid should be a group of 4 or 6. Maybe i should skip the chocolate or put them with the rams in a sister tank?
Anyway any feedback or adjustment in alternative schoolers please comment. I'm not a purist and have no problem mixing asian loaches with otherwise an sa stocking.

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Wow 450 gallons. I have a 72 gallons tank and 2 - 16 gallons tanks and let's say the maintenance keep me busy 馃槄 Can't imagine the maintenance for that big of a tank.

Good luck!!

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I definitely would be weary of chocolates and rams together. Just be aware of the weight and financial implications of keeping a tank like this. Chances are you WILL lose some fish to aggression, some will become snacks, you will have to experiment a bit within species to get the personality matches right and lord forbid anyone pair off. Expect to redo your stock list a couple times a you're going through the adding process, do only 1 group at a time, start with least aggressive and build up. Monitor parameters frequently- larger cichlids are VERY messy.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!
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