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Reputable Online Stores

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I've pretty much exhausted any local resources, and sadly, haven't found a good fish store locally with planted tank help. I've got one more I'm going to visit tomorrow over lunch but that's the last one I've got.

Are there any good stores online worth working with? I don't even have a good store with a decent tank selection IMO.
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Hi rking.1688,

Welcome to TPT!

Where is local for you? Maybe members can help you if we knew where you are located.

Sadly, there are not a lot of 'online' stores that have a great reputation for knowledgeable staff and quality plants.
I'm PMing you a store I had a bad experience with. I believe forum rules forbid me from naming them here.
Anything in Central Ohio and East Central Ohio is local for me. I live just north of Columbus but work all of eastern Ohio for my company.
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