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I finnaly found some Aquasoil Amazonia and I want to replace the regular gravel substrate in a 29g established tank.
What I plan on doing is just removing the plants, driftwood, taking out the sponge filters, and the shrimps. I will put the shrimps and running filters, wood, in an established tank untill ready to be returned.
I will drain off at least half of the water and remove the old substrate and leave a bunch of mulm in the tank. I will then add the Aquasoil.
I will then replant and replace the established filters and driftwood.

Now the question is will this tank will I see any ammonia or nitrite spikes in this tank? Will the shrimp be safe to put back in this tank right away?

Is this a good method for changing the substrate?

I am considering adding a thin layer of peat moss under the Aquasoil to help lower PH and increase health to plants as well. My tap water is PH7.8!
I have also upgraded the lights to a Glo 2x24w T5 HO fixture with Life Glo bulbs. I may be adding controlled Co2 to this tank in time.
I want to make it ideal for CRS with these changes.

Any ideas or comment would appreciated.

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