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replacing bubble counter

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I have what I believe is a Miwaulkee c02 regulator with bubble counter attached. Im not positive about the brand because I bought it second hand (it came with a miwaulkee probe though). Recently the bubble counter has cracked and it began to leak water. I sealed it with marine locktight epoxy and it was good for about a week untill it started leaking again. Ive tried to reseal the locktight but it dosent seem to bond well to itself as its been 4 days and it still feels tacky. I'm wondering if theres any way to take out the bubble counter and replace it with a new one. It looks to me like there is a glue/ sealent where the bubble counter thread meets the solenoid.
It looks just like this: ( I think this is the system I have)
Any advice or experience is appreciated as usual.
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New Bubble counter, could you get me some detialed pictures?
You could contact Milwaukee and see what they will charge for a replacement.
I had what I believe was a Milwaukee MA957 as well - it was a BlueLine unit, but I swear it was a re-branded Milwaukee. (Actually still have it in a box someplace.)

Anyway, I just took the bubble counter off. Unscrew it from the (highly crappy) needle valve, then unscrew the nipple from the top of the bubble counter and screw it back on where the bubble counter was.

Use a separate bubble counter if you need one. I just count the bubbles entering my reactor.

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