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Hello All,

My ADA Aquasoil has definitely seen the end of its life, I have had it for four year now and it is time for some new soil. I was wondering how others have done the swap? I am struggling to find a definitive how to best approach this process. Basically the two approaches I have read are either you take the fish out and put them in another container for 3 weeks while the soil leeches out the ammonia or flip-side, you put the soil in a container with a filter and do the water changes and let it leech out there.

I am wanting to place the soil in another container and leech out the ammonia there for 3-4 weeks, and then swap out the soil in the tank. I am planning to reseal my tank and the full cure takes 7 days, so I am going to be putting my fish in a container for a week but I would prefer not to stress them out too much in that foreign environment.

Anyone with first hand experience able to share what they did and how it panned out?


2/17 - I wasn't able to find any additional information. I am going to take the approach of leaching the ammonia out in a separate tub for a couple of weeks and then do the substrate swap. I will try and post an update after and let you know how it went.

2/21 - Mini-update - It has been 5 days since I have put the soil in the tub and started the leaching process. It is sitting at .038 ammonia per my seneye sensor. I think I will give it another week and half or two weeks (primarily dependent on when I re-silicone my tank).

3/2 - As of this morning my ammonia reading is .022. I am doing 100% water changes every other day basically for the entirety of the process. Since it is just substrate in a tub with a powerhead circulating the water, I think this approach is fine. I am thinking next weekend I will try for the swap. I have two fully cycled Eheim Pro4 350s and a healthy amount of plants, so I think the environment could absorb it at this point but I still need to re-silicone the tank.
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