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Replacing 2215 and 2213, filter suggestions on a 75g

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Ok, so as of today I'm officially over the 2 filter set-up. I just had to do maintenance on the 2213 because I noticed flow was significantly lower. It was horrendously filthy. The maintenance was a p.i.t.a.

So like I said I'm officially over it. I had already been wanting to upgrade the 2213 to a second 2215, BUT I've decided I want to do away with them both and move toward a single unit.

It will be less maintenance, I'll be able to hook it into my reactor and get even CO2 distribution across the whole tank, and I can move to one 300w Hydor ETH vs my 2 200w right now. Everything gets simplfied under the cabinet and simple is good.

So with that said, what does everyone recommend for a 75g? I had looked at an FX5 but considering AZ's issues as of late that scares me. I did a little looking today and the Ehiem Pro 3 looks nice. I really like the Pro 3's 3 hoses. I could set each intake on the outside of the tank, then bring the outtake into the center of the tank and use plumbing to split the flow to both sides of the tank.

Anyways, what do you use, and what would you get?
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You can't apply the experience of one person, who is using a filter model for the first time, and the unit in question is used and has been exposed to unknown conditions and treatment for an unknown amount of time, to the filter in general.
I have a 75g with an Eheim 2075 and Eheim 2229. Pretty happy with them so far, but I've only had them for a little over a month.
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