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I have two AquaClear 50s, rated at 200gph each, on my 45gal. I am upgrading to pressurized CO2 and was considering a canister filter so I could run an inline reactor and then an inline heater while I'm at it. This would then eliminate two HOBs, an in-tank diffuser and an in-tank heater, making for a cleaner look, not to mention more effective CO2 diffusion and heat dissipation.

My only concern is the capability of the canister. I realize canisters have more surface area of media, but their gph is some-what significantly lower. Right now, my two HOBs combined are pumping 400gph (I realize actual numbers are lower). Am I asking for trouble if I upgrade to say a Fluval 305, which is rated at 260gph?

I have multiple power heads, so circulation isn't an issue. I'm just wondering if the increased filter media will make up for the significantly decreased gph...
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