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Replacement T5HO bulb brand?

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Came home to find one of my bulbs burned out. Is the Zoo Med Ultra Sun Trichromatic a good choice?
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I personally prefer Giesemanns. Amazing lights.
I use giesemann aqua flora. Ati bulbs are another good brand. I use them over my SW. My FW tanks has spiral CF.
I used the only one's I could find here at my LFS.....Coralife. My plants look good to me, but most people say giesemann's. Maybe next time I have to buy a replacement, I will try them and see if I notice a difference. The most important thing to look at is where the spectrum of the bulb is at. You should compare different brands and see where their peaks are. That might help you make a decision.
If there is a hydroponics store nearby, check out their daylight lamps/bulbs. Prices can be great.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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