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Replace Needle Valve on a MA957

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I'd like to change the needle valve on my MA957. I find it very hard to get a regular flow out of the installed valve. I don't want the solenoid to stick open and gas the creatures because the flow rate is too high.

So what size are the orifices on the bubble counter and solenoid? I gather they are 1/8 from what I've read, but they sure look 1/4. Any suggestions for a Swagelock model, angled pattern of course?

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I found the site: first do the clogged needle valve repair and then do the set-up procedure. This really works!!
Sometimes the needle valve repair method works, and sometimes it doesn't. For some people, the MA957 is nothing but success, while for others it is nothing but a nightmare.

The orifices on the bubble counter and the solenoid should all be 1/8".

Swagelok metering valves, while nice, can be pricey if bought new. I would check the Victor regulator thread for the best deals on metering valves (there were some nice Parker metering valves going awhile back for $15). For Swagelok, I am currently using an angled B-SS2-A (the A indicates it is an angled metering valve).

Depending on the size of your tank, you may find that you need a low or a medium flow metering valve.

I'm in no hurry, I'll wait for a deal. I'll check out the cleaning procedure in the mean time. carries the excellent Ideal metering valves. They should be able to fix you up and supply any parts needed. (Rex Grigg) carries the Ideal valves as well. He also sells a Fabco needle valve. carries the Fabco valve. Jeremy has a kit that mounts on the regulator. carries the Fabco valve as well. It is rigged for inline use.

You may want to swap out your Milwaukee bubble counter for a JBJ. The JBJ has a check valve to protect the regulator.

Item No. 400059530457 on ebay is for a 1/8" tubing mount medium flow Swagelok metering valve with a Vernier caliber adjustment knob. It lists for $146.37 on Swagelok's site. The seller mentions that 9 are available for $39.95 plus shipping.
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I was looking at these:

But there is not much info and the guy only ships to the U.S.
These are flow valves and are likely unsuitable for our needs.

I had bought the B-2MA2 witch is not listed but special order is the same as above but in Brass and it only coast $61. And it works great!
Saw your pics over on BR, beauty eh!
Over the past several months there has been quite a few Swagelok and Parker metering valves with the very good Vernier caliber handles at very good prices on ebay.

I got a 1/4" MNPT Swagelok for $24.50. SS-4MA2-MH

I believe that the 1/8" NPT Parker valves were $12.95.

I got a few 1/8" FNPT Swageloks for $11 to $13.

I believe that the 1/8" FNP Parker valves were $12.95.
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