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I've torn down my 155-gallon tank which had 10 year-old fluorite in it. I'm hesitant to use it when I set up the tank in my new home in a couple months, because I have seen diminishing returns in plant growth ever since I had a potential overdose of O+ and CSM+B which I documented in the enormous CSM-B Toxicity Experiment thread. In the past several months even vals and hygro Augustifolia would hardly grow. Most plants got better after drastic reductions in traces - I even grew some decent A Reineckii which gave me fits for well over a year, but other "easy" plants have stopped dead in their tracks and overall plants grew much slower than they did a couple years ago.

Is it possible that the fluorite got "overloaded" with too many trace metals? Would a thorough rinsing zero out any potential trace overloading and replenish the CEC availability? Is there another additive which can clean out the fluorite and return it close to an as-new state?

At a minimum I'm looking at doing MTS with using the old fluorite as cap. I'm also looking at Turface and Safe-T-Sorb options, probably with MTS as a base for whatever I go with on top. Or, is MTS unnecessary with the high CEC of STS and Turface?
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