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At a minimum I'm looking at doing MTS with using the old fluorite as cap. I'm also looking at Turface and Safe-T-Sorb options, probably with MTS as a base for whatever I go with on top. Or, is MTS unnecessary with the high CEC of STS and Turface?
I have a safe-t-sorb in my 40B, I had flourite in my previous tank and I think I liked the flourite a bit more.
Couple reasons: I could never get the safe-t-sorb as clean, every time I move plants I get a big cloud of debris. (Its over 3 yrs old now)

Its much lighter in weight and color then flourite. I have a little trouble with certain plants staying rooted (blyx japonica and Elatine Triandra)

I definitely get better roots on fore grown plants with using Osmocote+ tabs I use about 3 tabs every couple months.

Maybe someone else has some suggestions you could try.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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