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Rena Xp3

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Finally I have picked up 2 Rena xp3 canister filters but they are used. Is there anything I should be on the look out for as far as problems concerned or what areas should I check since they are used? They were used in a F/W setup already. Thanks
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Make sure the two O-rings on the quick disconnect are in good shape, and the area that they seal is clean.

Also, always make sure the quick disconnect is pushed into the motor housing all the way before you close the lever. Otherwise it can break if you exert too much force.
Ok thanks I will check that out. Should I make my own media as some of you guys have said. Wasnt to concerned because I thought I was going to buy new ones and worry about once the time came around but now I dont want to reuse any of the used material from them.
What kind of used material did you get? Media?

If it's media, you can boil it if you want to and just reseed them with beneficial bacteria from another tank, running it in an established tank is a good way of getting the boiled media seeded again. Also, I would only do boiling on the sintered glass kind or ceramic.
I buy the blue/white filter pads for sumps from my LFS for $1.50/piece. I can usually cut it up and have 3-4 pieces for the filter. I also buy the poly fill/loose poly fiber from a craft store in place of a polishing pad. Other than that, I pack it full of bio rings and call it a day.
I havent received them from UPS as of yet. I was wondering the same thing lol. I have the poly fill still left over which I was going to put in as well.
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