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Rena xp3 problem - loose impeller cover

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I've been running an xp3 for a couple of years and lately developed a bit of a problem. In short, the impeller cover seems to loosen up over time and fall off every couple of weeks. I will hear it making a noise, it will not be pumping water (and with an in-line heater, the tank temp drops).

To fix it, all I need to do is pull off the head and screw the cover back into place. But its a bit of a hassle, and I'd prefer not to have to mess with it - as well as stress my fish/plants.

When I screw the cover on it seems to me that it is loosed than I remember, but I only cleaned it a couple of times several months apart, so I can't remember for sure. Any thoughts?

I can't think of any way I'm putting it on wrong, as there seems to only be one way to do it. Is this piece supposed to have an o-ring on it?

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Hi eds,

No o-ring. You may want to use something to make the nipples on the cover a little thicker. Duct tape comes to mind....

Have you checked the cover to see if maybe its cracked around one of the slits?

I haven't had this problem....Yet.....
Ah, a little duct tape. Why didn't I think of that?

Checked out the Rena site, and on their FAQ/troubleshooting page they don't mention this exact problem, but say something like "if the impeller cover is more than a year old, you might want to replace it."
I havent had or read of this issue yet myself.
I'd follow Najas advice and look for cracked or worn areas that could be causing it.
You need a new impeller cover, tape is just a bandaid.
I am having this issue with my 4 month old XP3. I had massive shrimp death because of it. I hope Rena will replace the cover under warranty.
No issues with my 4 yr old Filstars. But besides duct tape, there are other kinds of tape that might do the trick as well. In HD they sell some sort of silicone tape which might be better for this purpose.
Duct tape breaks down over time.
EDIT: I've never had this problem, perhaps you got a bad filter?
Wow, super old thread. But manage to fish this out in google.
So for the record, yeah, I have the same god damn stupid problem as well. I check the manual and apparently there is an impeller Oring. I don't see crap in mine, which explains why we all have this problem. I don't think replacing the impeller cover will help much unless there is an o-ring that comes with the impeller cover!
Here it is:
Impeller Cover Seal/O-Ring #29 $7.99 841632-00
This is the seal on the bottom of the motor that prevents water from the aquarium bypassing the filter material. It is a strip of sealing material that fits in the groove on the bottom of the motor. Replace when worn or their is a gap between the ends.

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