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Rena SmartFilters still available

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Who else is using Rena SmartFilters?

Now that the Rena Nexx filter is on the market, the LPS is once again stocking the filter media for the SmartFilters. They use the same 4-sided filters for both the SmartFilter and Nexx. (Pretty savvy business sense to reuse a design that doesn't require retooling the filter media-making part of the company.)

I've been running a SmartFilter 20 on the 10G tank at work for the past 4 years. It works great. And now I can buy new filters from LPS.

Or I can buy the filter media direct from Rena: Oh BTW, and you can still buy brand new SmartFilters direct from them too. Plus repair parts for all Rena filters and air pumps.

Need API, Aquarian, and Rena PondCare products? They sell them through their Planet Rena Direct website.
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I'm debating whether to go with new SmartFilters or a triple-pack (6-cylinder) Nexx for my 36G tank.

Dimensions for Rena filters:

SmartFilter 20: 9.5L x 6.5W x 7.25H
SmartFilter 30: 13.75L x 6.5W x 7.25H
SmartFilter 50: 16.5L x 6.5W x 7.25H

Nexx external media pack: 11.4L x 6.5 W x 13.6H
Nexx plus 1 add-on pack: 11.4L x 13.0W x 13.6H
Nexx plus 2 add-on packs: 11.4L x 19.5W x 13.6H
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