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Removing tannins from aquarium wood

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What methods are there to remove tannins from wood other then boiling it?
my wood is too big to be chucked in a pot of boiling water, so instead have it in a bucket and have been filling it with boiling water from the stove. I’ve been doing this for a month now and it’s a time consuming process (and I’m covered in steam burns from constantly pouring pots of boiling water in!), I know patience is key but I’m losing my patience! It has improved slightly, but not enough for me to put it in the tank. I know tannins aren’t harmful to my tank, I just personally would like to keep my water crystal clear. I have chemi pure (a type of purigen) in my filter which I know can combat those tannins but I’m really wanting most of them out before I think about putting it in my tank. So does anyone have any life hacks for it, aside from boiling?
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