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Because of the state of my substrate, and the tank being so dark and drab i decided to switch it up yesterday. Previously, is was much the same with a dirt bottom and flourite cap. But, being a new tank and myself wanting to constantly change it up, I had a big problem with the substrate mixing. Also, black background, black substrate was a bit to dark for my liking.

I tore the tank down yesterday, and redid the entire thing. Taking my original substrate (soil and flourite) and mixing it together. Using simple play sand I made a border and filled the rest with my soil mix. Then capped it all off with just over and inch of sand. My wisteria was clearing my water level aswell, in a matter of weeks it more than quadrupled in size. So I also took this opportunity to trim it back and replant my trimmings.

The tank is a 25 Gallon that I removed the rim from.

Eheim 2213 canister
4L DIY Co2/bubble counter w/ powerhead diffuser
Coralife 24" PC light fixture (1 65w 67,00K daylight, 1 65w colormax)
- 8.5 hour photoperiod, 2.5 hour noon burst
- DIY light mount
Flourish comprehensive dose (2x weekly)


Water Wisterira
Java Moss
Java Fern
Dwarf Sag (newly planted)
Jungle Vals (newly planted)


Various tetras
Chinese Algae Eaters
Blue Mystery Snails.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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