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Removable intake cover for in tank filter?

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I have an in tank Tetra Whisper 10i in my tank right now, and want to cover the intake vents with something like a screen to prevent baby crayfish from being sucked up.

I don't have baby crayfish yet, but I do have two CPO crayfish in my tank and would like to take precautions of one of them is gravid/berried, or they are of opposite genders and will mate.

I have some squares cut from what appears to be filter media which came with the crayfish I just got. I want to use them, but don't know how to adhere them to the filter vents in a way that I can remove them when needed.

Any ideas?
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Use a sponge.... also will grow cooties... that your crayfish will eat
I secured the filter media squares to the intake vents with cotton string. I don't know how long that will last, but at least I don't think it'll be too harmful when/if it starts to decay.

Use a sponge.... also will grow cooties... that your crayfish will eat
How would I secure the sponge to the outside of the in tank filter I have?
That's the in-tank filter with vents at the bottom of the unit, not an intake tube?

A section of (new) pantyhose or knee-highs will work. You can usually find them in black, if you want it to be less noticeable in the tank.
I used black pantyhose for that filter, can even throw a sponge between the pantyhose and filter.
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