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Reliable Combo TDS/PH/Temp Meter?

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My TDS meter is not functioning properly so I need to purchase another. I have a separate pH tester but was looking at just ordering a combo unit. Seems like my pH pen takes forever to stabilize. I use them for my Crystal Shrimp tanks and RO water monitoring.

I don't want to spend a crazy amount of cash but wanted to know if anyone has had experience with Hanna Combo Pen - pH/EC/TDS/Temp, Model #HI 98129. If so, is that the model I should purchase ? There are 2 models, HI 98129 and HI 98130. One reads high and one reads low EC ranges.

Thanks for your help!
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Should I post this question in the Equipment section?
Not a good one unless you feel like spending 400+

Get a tds pen that does temp too and get a sms122 for ph
Reliable Tds

The SM 122 is the Milwaukee pH controller you are referring to?

Can that be used for multiple tank periodic pH testing, or is it best used as a constant reference checker that I would need to buy one per tank and run at all times to alarm when pH is off and/or as an emergency shut off for co2 crash?
Well I have one per tank, but before I did that. I kept it in one tank all the time but would drop it in others to check there ph. Just let it sit in there for 15 min and it should give you a good reading
Gotcha.. I wasn't sure after reading about it if I would be able to switch from tank to tank without going through a big hassle.

So it's easy just to pop it from one tank to another and let it sit while I'm doing a water change on the other tank?
Awesome! Thanks so much for your help!
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