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Looking to rehome some fish in Nashville, TN to a good home. These fish have come a long way (including surviving the Nashville tornado) and need a 40 gallon or larger tank with some hiding places.

I can deliver to outside aquatic critter, or some other public location within 25 minutes of downtown (for example a Kroger).

3 or 4 Gunther’s loach (age 10) (very similar to zipper loaches or might actually be zipper loaches, Mesonoemacheilus guentheri (Nemacheilus guentheri, Noemacheilus guentheri) — Seriously Fish)
8 Glow lite Tetras (age 2)
1 Amano shrimp (age 9, may not survive transport due to old age).

No new additions to their tank in the last 2 years, so low risk of disease.
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