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Rehab Java Moss

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Hey all this will be my first attempt at growing anything underwater so please forgive my ignorance on this probably very basic question.

BLUF: Can I rehab this moss in a reasonable time frame in a vase?

I bought this java moss that came brown. I don't any experience, but this doesn't look the greatest. I stuck it in a vase with tank water and placed it in a spot with direct sun for a bit in the morning and pretty good ambient light the rest of the day. I don't have ferts (yet, on the way) but plan to change the water every other day or so.

My plan is to rehab this stuff before trying the low tech bonsai thing I have planned. Am I setting myself up for failure by doing this? Would it be wiser to just order new moss? Also Id rather not put it in my 9gal fluval Flex as is because I just want a win at the start and my family thinks I'm rediculous for pursuing this.

Thanks for any advice you can share. Cheers!

That's a mini bolbitis pot in there for moral support. And also I didn't have anywhere else to put it in the mean time.
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Well I ordered some mini Xmas moss from buceplant. Seems like a good shop and hopefully they will come in good condition. I'll keep this on the side dosing with thrivec to experiment.
How did the moss come to be this way? How big is the tank it was in?

Also if you are just starting out , I would stay away from mosses just get a anubias or have fern way easier and more forgiving
From my experience, if java moss gets that brown its probably not gonna bounce back. I've had it happen twice, other than that it usually grows like weeds for me in my shrimp tanks. But i think that's partly due to the shrimp constantly grazing on it lol. Anubias and ferns are definitely some recommended beginner plants. But if the bonsai tree is the goal i would of went the route you went and got new moss, good luck
I think before getting any new moss you need to find out what the problem is
Hey sorry! After my last post I assumed the post was dead. Thanks all.

I received the moss from an Amazon seller in the pictured condition. They were still in the little baggies with the tops cut off. I've since emptied them all out and they've been in that vase with a touch of thrivec with the plan to change the water every few days. The color is the same but they are pearling like crazy. That give me hope that it'll come back. I have mini Xmas moss on the way so I'm not even sure where I would put this java moss but the learning will be good either way.

Also, I have a few anubias, java fern, and Micranthemum Micranthemoides as well. I'm not expecting it all to survive haha but I'm just testing what my setup will allow.
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Xmas moss is much nicer anyway. Java moss can be messy.
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