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Hi all, I'm looking to add a splitter to my regulator and I need some help sourcing the correct parts. I have a C02Arts dual stage reg which I have been happy with so far. However the cheap plastic needle valve broke so I want to add a splitter with a meatal needle valves. It looks like I will need some sort of connector to make the splitter work. I have attached pics of what I have. Thanks to all for any help. Sloby

What I was thinking of getting....

What I have...

I need some sort of connector I thinks..

The toilet that I'm getting ready to flush...

I plan on running two 10 gallon tanks off of a 10 lbs. tank

the outlet port on the solenoid should be 1/8 NPT. the one on the link below should work for the splitter. The inlet port of the splitter connect to the outlet port of the valve. That's how those splitter intended to use for. You need to use teflon tape when you connect the valve to the 1/8 npt port.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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