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Regulator upgrade help

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Hi all, I'm looking to add a splitter to my regulator and I need some help sourcing the correct parts. I have a C02Arts dual stage reg which I have been happy with so far. However the cheap plastic needle valve broke so I want to add a splitter with a meatal needle valves. It looks like I will need some sort of connector to make the splitter work. I have attached pics of what I have. Thanks to all for any help. Sloby

What I was thinking of getting....

What I have...

I need some sort of connector I thinks..

The toilet that I'm getting ready to flush...

I plan on running two 10 gallon tanks off of a 10 lbs. tank
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I have several version of SMC AS1000 needle valves, manifolds and tubing adapters that laying around not in use, you can have a couple of these for free to make inline or mounted type dual outputs. you can pm me your address.
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