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regulator build, missing anything?

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After seeing @Stacy1's post on the airgas I grabbed one too. I think I grabbed the rest of what I needed to complete it but thought I'd double check with you guys.

FT-CO25-NP to replace the nipple/nut on the reg.
1/4cr-ss from reg to solenoid(using the 2s020 1/4 I have on my Matheson 3320 currently)
ss-4-bt from solenoid
2 x ss-4-ta-1-4 going to the ss-4-bt
2 x ss-4mg going to the 2 ss-4-ta-1-4

Any connections I'm overlooking to complete this?
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Cant wait to see a pic of this build completed :) finally got a day off and will be hooking mine up today
Just sent an offer to a surplus place that has 2 of the vernier handles. Also sent an email to Swagelok of Florida last night for a quote with shipping and availability from them. Handle new from them showed as $23 and some change a piece which I didn't think was to bad since the only two I could find not direct from Swagelok were 20 and 25 lol. Just waiting on the 1/4cr-ss, ss-4mg and FT-CO25-NP to ship rest should be here next week sometime. Submitted a sample request with Ark-Plas for their check valve I saw mentioned in another thread too so I can try something besides the walmart ones. One of @flowerfishs builds is basically what I'm aiming for though. One output towards the front and one towards the back.

edit: Called Swagelok to follow up on my email. They said it's a special order item so they are waiting for a reply themselves and wouldn't know until sometime next week. In the mean time the surplus place emailed back and was willing to take $15 each plus shipping on the two they had. They are nupro branded but for that price I'm not picky. So now I'm waiting on two ny-2m-ky, ss-4mg and FT-CO25-NP to ship since the 1/4cr-ss was just updated with shipping info.
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Were you not able to find an S series metering valve?
Not for a price my wife was happy with 😞. Cheapest s series I found was $100 a piece.
$80 evil bay search: Swagelok SS-SS4 Stainless Steel Low Flow Metering Valve 1/4 in. Tube Fitting

Private message the seller. Many times they will sell it for a low ball price. I bought a $500 Matheson stainless steel ultra line dual stage regulator on evil bay for only $150.00 by low balling.
There's a tescom 64 I've been eyeballing for $50 but the vcr connections make the overall price more then I get past her lol. The 4mg and vh to go with them are already in the mail though. I'll keep watching for other metering valves to see what I can find. Now if I can figure out if the e12 c c445d in my other thread is what looking a various build pics (yours included) lead me to believe it is I'll be :grin2: lol.
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