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Long time reefer here, (saltwater). I just broke down my 215 gallon to switch over to FW for cost and maintenance reasons.

I have gotten it back up with 100 lbs of lava rock, sand substrate, running filter socks, ceramic media and carbon in a reactor. Currently cycling.

My plan was to try some hardier plants in a small refugium in the first chamber of my sump (less than 10 gallons) and maybe try some hardier low light demanding plant's in the tank. (I have 2 fluval sky leds for display & an aqueon nano led light for refugium)

I am going to have african cichlids (probably all mbuna) and I know they love to eat plants. So idk if the display tank is going to workout long term.

My main goal for having plants is nitrate reduction.

Can someone recommend some good species for the tank that mbunas may not destroy? And something small but fast growing that would work in the sump/refugium?

Pics attached of my reef I gave up and the current state of it now as a FW.


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