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Reflector color

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Have anyone done some testing of what reflector that is best?

I was going to by a couple of interior dome fixtures that is made for hanging from the ceiling and put cfl bulbs in them. But all of the fixtures was white painted inside.

I think i have read some place that white color is a pretty good reflector, but i am not shure. Have anyone tested white painted reflectors?

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Lighting companies have done studies on reflector colors. Bright, glossy white is the best, except for highly polished aluminum. If the polished aluminum is not protected from water spotting, it will quickly drop well below the reflective level of bright, glossy white.

Keep the white reflector clean with a cotton cloth, and do not drag the cloth across any deposits. The cloth will pick up the deposits and scratch the reflective finish.

Also, it does not matter if the bright white is paint, or unpainted smooth white plastic.

Glass mirrors with silver backings are bad because the glass quickly becomes covered with dust, water spots, lime and calcium deposits. Also, the silver backing does not live well with water.
Tanks, in my area i can not find any fixtures with high polished aluminium, only interior fixtures with white reflector color. They look very nice though.

I was hoping someone have done some par measures with those white reflectors.

Jnad, we nominate you to be the one to get some PAR measurements with the white reflectors :) You can get a cheap lux meter, measure the lux out in the air, at the same distance as it will be from the substrate, divide lux by 61 and be pretty close to the value of PAR.
Tanks, great to be nominated :) I see the lux meters is very cheap on the internet, i might just order one if it is possible to aproximately calculate the par value.

Hmmm, of course if the white painted reflector is no good i could just use some sandpaper and wipe of the paint. And then polish the inside of the fixture , the fixture is made of aluminium :). Or of course use some reflective mylar inside the fixture.
You could probably use a good paint remover to remove the white paint, then polish the aluminum. I don't think I would try to sand the paint off. Most aluminum reflectors are thin aluminum which would deform or dent if you try to sand them.
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