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Hello All,

Let me first introduce myself. I've been Reefkeeping for about 8 yrs but I'm a total noob when it comes to planted freshwater tanks :icon_mrgr I have read the General Planted Tank Articles but I feel that there are specific questions that I need to ask. So here goes:

1. I have a 75g acrylic tank that I want to transform into a planted tank. Is there any reason not to use an acrylic for planted setups? I have to admit, scratching coralline on acrylic is a PITA, so is there anything I need to know about planted tanks and acrylic?

2. I am planning to use two 70w MH's for lighting. What is the perfect kelvin to use for plants? 6500K? Do you guys use actinic supplementation for added flourescense on plants as you would on reef setups?

3. What are the most important parameters to watch in a planted tank?

4. On a 75G, how often should I do water changes? How much? My bioload would be like 20 tiny blue neon tetras..

5. I noticed that most of you guys have 10-30G tanks... is this the "ideal" tank size for a planted tank? Are smaller tanks "better" for planted setup?

6. How important is flow in a planted tank? What turnover rates do you guys shoot for?

7. How expensive is it to maintain a planted tank? What do you guys buy every month? (supplements, etc) What needs to be replaced every month?

8. Finally, for people who have kept or keeping a reef or FOWLR tank along with a planted tank, how would you compare the two? Which one is more time consuming? Which one is more expensive? Which is more maintenance hog?

Thanks in advance! Hoping to be a regular here soon :D
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