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I own a reef tank and like looking at aquarium pics. As a search for nice tanks I often run across planted FW tanks. My reaction is "nice" and "wow" to good planted tanks and "Oh, another pile of rocks with things; very expensive things, on it" when I see reef tanks. Am I alone? Am I missing something? Shoul I cry? OK, maybe just ranting :(
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I used to have a very large reef. I have been growing and selling corals for years. as well as shooting educational videos on how to propagate corals. eventually like anything a disaster happened (Murphy's law) almost the worst that could go wrong did. My auto top off malfunctioned and the overflow went unnoticed for several days as it was draining straight into my basement. basicly a full reef tank turned to freshwater in a matter of days killing almost everything. I now only keep a 20 long reef and have turned my 125g into a planted tank it's far easier, less stressful, lower cost (my light bill dropped by almost 100$ a month) not to mention the money saved on far cheaper bulbs, no salt far fewer additives. granted there aretn any flourescent pink plants like the corals I used to grow but I am also not paying $100 for 4 polyps of a rare coral. I like my mini reef but I no longer feel the need to have a large reef with the rarest corals on it, and I did have some of the rarest and most beautiful corals. I have turned to learning something newer to me. I did breed freshwater fish for a while before going salty so i have some experience in fresh but plants are a different route, where with breeding fish light didn't matter except as a way to help simulate a certain time of year, and reefs where light was , the more the better, here there is a fine balance between enough and too much for the health of the plants and the keeping algae at bay. its a lot of fun trying to figure it all out, without the stress of "oh crap somethings wrong my $200 acropora echinata has RTN......" fix it or it dies in under a day..... ya know. anyways this turned into a far longer paragraph than I was intending to put here. but I just wanted to say I empathize with how you feel. and A lot of memebrs here are ex-salty or a salty freshy combo
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