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Don't worry about harming the motor. That is old thinking. If you had a motor with metal wire wound on the armature, it could over heat to the point of melting the insulation on those wires. The motor "burns out".
But that is not what your filter uses. It uses a mag drive motor. Short for magnet? Instead of wire, your motor has a magnet attached to the impeller. For your motor to "burn out", it would have to get hot enough to melt the magnet and that just isn't going to happen to a motor setting in water.
You are likely to have read about folks who have come home to find the filter is not running because the impeller is stuck? That might be called the extreme in "straining" the motor and even that does not harm the motor. They just have to free up the impeller so it runs again.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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