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I had a stroke in 2019 that demolished my tank, my roommate fed a half a big can of new life spectrum fish food in 13 days, left my fluval 3.0 on 100% 24/7 for 13 days , all my parameters were in the level of fish deaths but they survived after I did 2 immidiate pwc's when I got home (well guided my roommates on how to do them for me) , but the plants didn't fair well, all my plants were burnt it looked like, all were covered in green spot algae, hair algae 4' long, Amazon was melted beyond help, anubias the same way, every since my stroke my tank will not grow plants like it did before and I have no idea why as all my parameters are exactly the same as before, so here a couple weeks ago I removed all the attached anubias, trimmed the bad removed the ones that couldn't be saved (bare rhizome no leaves) and started trimming the crypts wendtii slowly, but here is an issue, since buying 5 new anubias, and reattaching the decent old ones I can save I've had one new anubias literally melt, turn transparent and turn to mush, and 2 old ones, I reattached with normal gel superglue which I was told could be the reason they melted the way they did, but I didn't glue the rhizome I glued some roots to affix them to my wood, I need allot of advice on what's might be going on and why they won't grow like they used to, as well as why the whole anubias plants are turning transparent and mushy. I'll list my parameters as well as fert dosing, I don't have co2 my stroke makes very forgetful so I want to stay low tech as I know with c02 that's allot of maintenance and I just can't do that.

Tank size 55gallon soon to be 75 gallon
Temp 76
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 20
Phosphate 2.5
Kh 4
Gh 8
Tds 154
Light is fluval 3.0 (will attach light settings in picture)
Filters are dual aquaclear 110's
Substrate caribsea supernaturals
I've been a member of this group for a while but forgot my login my old user name was potluck I believe

First picture is before my stroke, a few after my stroke and final 2 are now

Just put 2 pictures of after stroke as there's so many and I don't want to sit here and add photo by photo lol, all my plants looked like that

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