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I'm playing around the idea of getting rid of my 40b and buying a 48 gallon rimless ( almost same dimensions little taller) currently I have safe t sorb and for the most part it works well, very similar to flourite. My only issues it's pretty large grain size and compacts easily.

I'm wondering if trying some type of pool filter sand will work better? How deep should I go?or go with Brightwell Aquatics Florin Volcanit Rio Escuro-F. I just used this in my shrimp tank and it looks great and easy to plant in. I'm guessing I would need 50lbs to get 2 inches about 140$.

My hesitation to use the brightwell is it's a active substrate and I wouldn't plan on using pure ro di water. My tap is 23dgh 13kh. Currently I use a 1 to 4 tap and ro to get a mix that works.

I'm not considering bdbs since I like the more natural color then black.
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