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Redid the 20g -- Looking for more plant suggestions

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Allrighty. This is what it looked like before --

I rehomed the cichlids, changed out the substrate, and replaced the resin fake driftwood with some awesome manzy from plantbrain. Stuck some more crypts in there as well. It is still a bit bare though, and I would like some more plants. I'm not aiming for anything too crowded, however.

Any thoughts on any particular flavors o plant? Am thinking some nice red root floater or frogbit for the top.
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Anubias and mosses attached to the manzy would look very nice.
I like that you removed all of the river rock that you had in there. But yeah I would have to second the moss.
Thanks :)

I've got some Christmas moss in my 10g that I keep threatening to prune out ... and I've got some subwassertang coming in as well. Going to go by the lfs and see what plants they have that look nice.
Good lookin tank! Only gonna look better

I am wondering what kind of lighting you use?
Right now, just one of those T5's with the stock bulbs you can get at the pet store. It's by Coralife I think.
Any algae problems with that? What's the total wattage if you know...
I had some algae problems once ... then I snagged nerite snails. Occasionally some green hair algae will sprout up on the crypts, but the white clouds, oddly enough, like taking nibbles of it.

Total wattage is 28w. One bulb is full spectrum, the other 6700k

I snagged two broadleaf sags ... will take pics in a few. I think with some moss as suggested and some floaters, I can call it done.
You forgot the anubias lol
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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